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    Indigenous farmers in Peru, the birthplace of the potato, have slammed a move to overturn a UN moratorium on using genetically modified "Terminator" technology in agricultural production.
    Company: IIED
    (Filed: Thu Oct 06 2005)
  • APPLEXION go all the whey down under with Aussie scientists  
    APPLEXION of France, the University of Western Sydney (UWS), Food Science Australia and Dairy Australia have joined forces to market a Franco-Australian eco-friendly dairy-processing breakthrough, which can separate the nutrients contained in whey and turn them into valuable food and pharmaceutical-grade supplements for use in medicines, healthcare and food products.
    Company: French Technology Press Bureau
    (Filed: Wed May 18 2005)
  • Imex Promotion’s clock will send you over the moon  
    Imex Promotion of France has launched its Moon Clock® – a medal winner for its features and originality at the 2004 Paris Lépine Awards for Innovation. The clock turns at the speed of the lunar month, i.e. over 29 ½ days. It shows the time elapsing between two new or full moons. It is unique on the market, and shows at a glance the phases of the moon as well as the changes in its appearance on a day-to-day basis. With the Moon Clock ®, it is no longer necessary to rely on observations of the sky as users know precisely when the next full or new moon will be.
    Company: French Technology Press Bureau
    (Filed: Fri Apr 22 2005)
  • Mystical Secrets Revealed.  
    Florida Author - Michael Levy has written an astounding article on the Kabbalah - that will reveal the ancient secrets to any person who is curious about their views on the meaning of life.
    Company: Point of Life Inc
    (Filed: Wed Apr 20 2005)
  • Wiley InterScience Launches the Analytical Sciences Backfile Collection  
    Global publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc., today announced the launch of the Analytical Sciences Backfile Collection, the latest addition to its growing collection of digitized journal libraries, and the second to be launched in this year. The Analytical Sciences Backfile Collection is available via Wiley InterScience (, Wiley’s dynamic online publishing platform.
    Company: Wiley InterScience
    (Filed: Tue Apr 19 2005)
  • Frost & Sullivan’s Summit on Global Life Science Molecules: Emerging Opportunities  
    There is no stopping the global life sciences industry. With worldwide sales of drugs crossing $500 billon, manufacturers are increasingly spending on research & development (R&D), and implementing successful strategies to acquire a greater share of this expanding industry. “New drug discovery”, “biopharmaceutical research”, “custom synthesis”, and “strategic outsourcing” are the latest industry buzzwords. In such a competitive scenario, the Indian pharmaceutical market has shown rapid growth over the years, and has established itself in the global arena. Indian fine chemical and drug manufacturers are establishing themselves as participants to be reckoned with.
    Company: Frost & Sullivan
    (Filed: Tue Mar 29 2005)
  • World's First 'Mock' Mass Grave Used in Forensic Training Programme  
    The Bournemouth University-based Inforce Foundation has successfully completed one of the world's most unique training programmes which featured the construction and excavation of the world's first 'mock' mass grave.
    Company: Bournemouth University
    (Filed: Tue Mar 01 2005)
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