Be Competitive, comply with Website Accessibility Standards

Nicholas Le Seelleur, a director of SiteMorse, feels that too little is done to enforce and promote better website accessibility standards for the benefit of Britainís 8-10 million disabled users. Many organisations still declare compliance when evidence proves they are not compliant. So how can compliance help you to sustain a competitive advantage?

Solving Graduate Creative Employment Problems

Londonís leading creative IT training company, Mekon Learning, puts its customers in touch with local design school creative students. Students are set live briefs by client companies and their work promoted and used commercially. Students gain experience and excellent portfolio.

Spyra - Base is secure as gold

Spyra - Base Products Limited are a fast growing family-based Company based in Telford in Shropshire - and the leading specialists in ground anchorage systems. Their new Security Anchor is designed to protect Caravans, Light Trailers, Plant, Machinery and garden furniture. It is part of a much wider range designed to anchor anything from domestic items to Marquees, light aircraft or hot-air balloons ! All are patented and have been tested by Lloyds of London.