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  • Clare Farmers Urged To Join New Organic Farming Scheme

    Minister of State, Mr Tony Killeen T.D., today urged Clare farmers wishing to participate in the 2008 Organic Farming Scheme to submit their applications by 15th May next.

    Company: Dunphy Public Relations
    (Filed: Tue Apr 01 2008)
  • Repairing Farm Outbuildings In Clare


    Farmers across County Clare are being urged to consider renovating farm outbuildings on their lands.

    Company: Dunphy Public Relations
    (Filed: Wed Mar 05 2008)
  • The Future Is Hydroponic!


    Have you ever wondered what we would all eat if mankind ever colonized Mars? Great Stuff Hydroponics aims to shed some light on how we would grow food without soil or even a breathable atmosphere.

    Company: Great Stuff Hydroponics
    (Filed: Tue Jul 31 2007)
  • Hobby Hydroponics On The Rise


    As people become increasingly interested in where their food comes from, growing food hydroponically at home is now a booming industry which is turning into a mainstream hobby, says the UK’s leading hydroponics supplier, Great Stuff Hydroponics.

    Company: Great Stuff Hydroponics
    (Filed: Fri Jul 27 2007)
  • Minister Killeen Concerned About Brazilian Beef Claim


    Minister of State and Clare T.D. Tony Killeen has expressed concern over claims by the Irish Farmers' Association (IFA) that Brazil is flouting procedures on cattle traceability and that animals are also being injected with illegal hormones

    Company: Dunphy Public Relations
    (Filed: Wed Jul 25 2007)
  • Crescent Ridge Dairy’s Organic Growth


    DATELINE: SHARON, MA…Catering to home delivery clients throughout the greater Boston area, Crescent Ridge Dairy of Sharon, Mass., has recently announced they now offer home delivery of Organic food items.

    Company: Crescent Ridge Dairy
    (Filed: Wed Jun 27 2007)
  • GreenField Ethanol Welcomes Ontario’s New Fuel Standard


    GreenField Ethanol, Canada’s leading ethanol producer, today said ethanol demand in Ontario will increase thanks to the adoption of a groundbreaking low carbon fuel standard for the province.

    Company: GreenField Ethanol
    (Filed: Fri Jun 01 2007)
  • Crescent Ridge Dairy leads the herd, wins first-ever Massachusetts Family Business Award


    The family-owned, third-generation Crescent Ridge Dairy of Sharon, Mass., was a big winner at the first annual Massachusetts Family Business Awards, sponsored by the Northeastern University Center for Family Business and the Family Firm Institute’s New England Chapter. Crescent Ridge received the Marshall Paisner Award in the small companies category for businesses with less than 50 employees.

    Company: Crescent Ridge Dairy
    (Filed: Sun May 20 2007)
  • Sommet de l’Elevage 2007 to stage beefed-up stock-breeding show


    Sommet de l’Elevage 2007, one of Europe’s leading livestock-production trade shows, will be held from 4 to 6 October 2007 in Clermont-Ferrand, in central France. Exhibitor numbers are expected to reach 1,000, attracting 77,000 attendees (including 2,000 non-French visitors) – not to forget 1,800 animals, some of them flown in from Britain for the occasion.

    Company: FTPB
    (Filed: Tue May 08 2007)
  • Europe's Largest Livestock Show Continues to Grow


    More than 77,000 visitors and 1,000 exhibitors are expected to attend the 16th edition of Sommet de l’Elevage this year, from Oct. 4 to 6 in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

    Company: FTPO Chicago
    (Filed: Thu Apr 26 2007)
  • Nitric acid processing trends


    According to Merchant Research & Consulting Ltd (UK) consulting agency, the current global market for adipic acid is pretty well supplied, and the demand for industrial chemicals has been steadily growing.

    Company: TD The Market Publishers LTD.
    (Filed: Tue Mar 27 2007)
  • Proxibid Enjoys Unprecedented Success with Farm Equipment Auctions


    Proxibid, a premier provider of live auction broadcasting services, has experienced unprecedented success in its Farm Equipment market segment. The Company has broadcast more than 20 Farm Equipment auctions since February, and has several more scheduled in the coming months.

    Company: Proxibid
    (Filed: Tue Mar 27 2007)
  • The demand for caustic soda and chlorine is forecast to rise


    According to Merchant Research & Consulting Ltd., the global demand for caustic soda grows by an average of 3% a year, for chlorine – by an average of 2.2% a year.

    Company: TD The Market Publishers LTD.
    (Filed: Mon Mar 26 2007)
  • The Federation of Farmers, Ranchers & Growers Seeks New Members


    The Federation of Farmers, Ranchers & Growers is seeking members to join, support and assist in the growth of the organization. Established in 2006, The Federation of Farmers, Ranchers & Grower’s (FFRG) primary mission is to provide solutions in order to achieve better safety, economic stability & opportunity to Farmers, Ranchers and Growers located across the United States.

    Company: farmsafe.org
    (Filed: Tue Feb 27 2007)
  • Food for Everyone Non-Profit launches digital products


    The Non-Profit Food For Everyone Foundation (FFEF) www.foodforeveryone.org, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, is pleased to announce the first ever availability of their new Vegetable Gardening Training videos as digital downloads, right on the internet.

    (Filed: Tue Feb 20 2007)
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