VIOBILL to Introduce a Brand New Anti-Fraud System

Fraud threat is the burning issue of today’s online payment system development. There are a lot of companies searching for anti-fraud solutions but still there are a lot of things to be introduced in the nearest future. Credit Card Billing Company is about to present its new unique anti-fraud system in Prague next month. Features Energy Stocks Update: "Going With What Works: Another Energy Stock Wit (NGS), a global investor website for the natural gas sector, is pleased to offer an updated exclusive commentary on energy stocks: "Going With What Works: Another Energy Stock With Solid Insider Buying”. The article is part of the ongoing "Insiders Corner” column, by well-known financial writer and author Michael Brush. Mr. Brush also writes a weekly market column for CNBC on MSN Money. Mr. Brush has covered business and investing for the New York Times, Money magazine and the Economist Group.