Slagle, Hall and Grabner to Lead BankFinancial Equipment Finance Expansion

BankFinancial, NA, a leader in the Corporate Leasing market, has hired two new industry veterans to head its Equipment Finance Division due to its recent expansion into middle market and small business lessees’ segments. Its newest team members, Marci Slagle and Stephanie Hall further strengthen the bank’s proven product offering in corporate leasing and enable the creation of a three-dimensional presence in the leasing market.

Where are All the EB-5 Real Estate Juggernauts? CMB Regional Centers

What has the EB-5 industry done in the time since the implementation of the new EB-5 regulations? The answer appears to be not much. One group introduced a lawsuit attempting to force the government to stop implementing the new rules. The lawsuit appears to have one objective and that is keeping the status quo. The juggernauts only know how to operate by abusing the rules of the EB-5 program and fraudulently call affluent areas like lower Manhattan “high unemployment”.

9 Spokes launches integrated marketing service for white-label platform

9 Spokes, a New Zealand-based company providing a business tracking and insights tool to banks and their SME customers, has launched an integrated marketing service with Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) as anchor partner. Called 9 Spokes Engage, the service supports SME users to excel with educational resources and intelligent prompts and enables our bank partners to acquire, nurture and re-engage with their SME customers more effectively

Bundil Launches First Mobile App – Press Release

Bundil is the easier way to invest in cryptocurrency. Bundil is an automated micro-investing platform where users can invest in a cryptocurrency of their choice using their spare change from purchases by rounding off their transactions to the nearest dollar.

Universal Partners FX Limited

If you are looking for a reliable and user friendly service to help you with international transactions, Universal partners FX is the best alternative for you. No matter what is the reason why you need to make this transaction or to which country, this service will still be helpful.