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  • Caustic Sulphite Caramel Market: Geographical Expansion & Development Status Recorded during 2019-20

    Consistent innovations and fortifications in the food and beverage industry, which is resulting in increased demand for new additives with enhanced features. Use of caustic sulphite caramel as a food ingredient for flavor enhancement is one of the key factors spurring its adoption. Apart from flavoring, caustic sulphite caramel also has wide-spread applications as a food decorative element, which further increases its appeal in the food and beverages industry. Stability remains of the key properties of caustic sulphite caramel, which is responsible for use of caustic sulphite caramel in case of alcoholic beverages.

    (Filed: Mon Sep 02 2019)
  • Electronic Shelf Label Market to Witness Relatively Significant Growth During 2018-2028

    [170 Pages Report] Electronic Shelf Label Market research report categorizes the global market by Product Type (LCD, E-Ink), By Lift Type (Single Lift, Twin Lift), By Technology (Zigbee, BLE, Wi-Fi), By Application (Supermarket and Hypermarket, Convenience Store, Department Store, Specialty Store, Pharmacies), & by Region.

    (Filed: Mon Sep 02 2019)
  • Facial massager Market to Pave Path for Augmented Revenue during the Period between 2018-2029

    Paradigm shift from traditional facial rejuvenation toward advanced rejuvenation systems are likely to influence the growth of the facial massager market. Facial massager market is expected to remain influenced with increasing ageing rates worldwide, particularly in Asian countries such as Japan. With increasing focus on facial aesthetics, customers have been seeking convenient and efficient devices such as facial massager to remove wrinkles and possibilities of development of large pores. Moreover, advanced facial massager can facilitate effective removal of wrinkles and can avoid pigmentation, which is expected to complement to the growth of the facial massager market in the forthcoming years.

    (Filed: Mon Sep 02 2019)
  • Hazard Control Market to Pave Path for Augmented Revenue during the Period between 2019-2028

    Main objective of a hazard control system is to protect workers from being exposed to occupational hazards. With growing awareness of such hazards, several safety organizations have promoted hazard control system to be a standard practice in workplaces. Hazards occurring in workplace can be controlled by variety of methods depending on type and need for application. Adoption of combination of methods has proven to be more effective which in turn influence growth of the hazard control market. Rapid growth of industrial sector in emerging economies such as China and India has led to surge in the demand for hazard control systems in the recent years.

    (Filed: Mon Sep 02 2019)
  • Lycopene Market: Geographical Expansion & Development Status Recorded during 2019-2028

    Lycopene is found abundantly in vegetables and red fruits including watermelon, tomato, apricots, pink guava, papaya, grapefruit, asparagus, red cabbage, mango and carrots. Lycopene is an antioxidant, which protects the human body from damage caused by compounds called free radicals. Further, Lycopene is known for preventing diseases including hypothesis, cancer (prostate cancer, digestive tract cancer, bladder cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer, and cervical cancer), cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis and

    (Filed: Mon Sep 02 2019)
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