Tata Interactive Systems and Solutions Training partner

Health and safety management specialist Solutions Training & Advisory Limited, has embarked on a partnership agreement with the global e-learning producer, Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), to produce a series of e-learning materials covering safety issues for ‘first response units’, including fire and ambulance services.

TIS’s TOPSIM tests international competitors in IIMC’s business festival, Intaglio 2006-07

Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), the global e-learning producer, is sponsoring ‘Wizards of Biz’, a business simulation competition at Intaglio 2006-07, the international business school meeting of the Indian Institute of Management (IIMC), Kolkata. The competition, which begins on 7th January, will use TIS’s software-based simulation TOPSIM Business Development, which is part of TIS’s range of TOPSIM sophisticated business simulations.