JK Harris Helps California Resident Overcome Tax Problems

When Linda Lawrence saw an advertisement in her local paper that JK Harris might be able to help with her tax debt, she crossed her fingers and prayed hard that the nation’s largest tax resolution firm could provide her the relief she needed. She later found out that her tax issues were not her only problems

Wild Heart Ranch Introduces “Judy”, a plush wild Bactrian camel from the story “Bradford and the Jou

Wild Heart Ranch, Inc., a children's toy and publishing company, is pleased to introduce the new children's book "Bradford and the Desert of Lop" and the accompanying plush toy, “Judy” the wild camel. The new line of children's non violent toys and books produced by Wild Heart Ranch empowers children with cancer and brings awareness to the endangered wild Bactrian camel. The wild camels living in the far away Gobi Desert may offer a possible cure for illness based on preliminary research. The book teaches us that, “One small boy with cancer can change the world if you listen."

Wild Heart Ranch Children's Books Empower Children and Support Education on Endangered Animals

Wild Heart Ranch, Inc., a children's toy and publishing company, is pleased to feature a line of children's books written to empower children and ease their fears, whether confronting a childhood fear of the dark or something more serious, such as an illness. "Bradford and the Journey to the Desert of Lop", "I Sea Horses, From Sky to Sea" and "No More Night Mares... A Dream of Freedom", all written by author Dawn Van Zant, remind children that they hold a magical power inside of themselves that can overcome any fear by "just believing".

Londoners Learn How to Dress Properly

Dress2kill, the revolutionary British tailor, is playing host to a free evening event with some of London’s top image consultants to educate members of the public as to what they should and should not wear given their body shape, facial complexion, hair and eye colour. Each member of the public will be given five to ten minutes to chat with an image consultant before being given a free glass of wine to help mull over the comments! Everyone taking part will also be offered a ten per cent discount off men’s and women’s made to measure suits from Dress2kill.


Leave Winter behind and lift your spirit with CCDK's new Spring/Summer range 2005. A warm Mediterranean palette of colours is guaranteed to revive the most washed out of Winter complexions. Key themes for the season are Riviera chic, African Safari and fallen angel glamour.


Travelsphere Holidays has launched a new “Escorted holidays and cruises from Scotland” brochure featuring departures from Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow airports to Europe, America and Canada throughout 2005.