Features for Fabulous 45+ Females

At last women of 45+ have a dedicated website www.womenknowhow.com which recognises that these women have their own personalities, their own individuality, sense of style and fun and are open to new opportunities and ideas.


At long last, there’s some good news on pensions according to a Birmingham-based Independent Financial Adviser. New rules mean greater flexibility for both employers and staff to contribute to pension funds during different stages of individual careers. Denis Sullivan says, ‘ The most ground-breaking change is that the link between taking your tax free cash and your pension income will be broken. So, if you’d rather buy a sports car or invest in property at aged 50 than sleep in a fur lined deck-chair at age 75, the rules make this possible!

Garden Centre Direct Relaunches

Newark, Nottinghamshire. Kybotech Ltd, the internet based company from Sutton-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire is enjoying the success of their re-launched website, Garden Centre Direct (http://www.gardencentredirect.co.uk).