SurgiCare reveal North vs South battle of the boobs

From: Surgicare
Published: Thu Nov 20 2008

New boob job statistics released by SurgiCare, one of the UK's leading cosmetic surgery providers, have revealed an overwhelming winner in the UK battle of the breasts. There has always been a rivalry between the North and the South, and it seems that when it comes to boob jobs and breast augmentations, this is no different.

The figures from SurgiCare on boob job enquiries and procedures have shown that the northwest is the breast capital of the UK, with Manchester coming out miles ahead of anywhere else in the race for getting the best breasts.

In the past year alone, Manchester women have had 87% more boob jobs with SurgiCare than London women, and a whopping 284% more Northern women have enquired about breast augmentation and boob jobs than their Southern counterparts.

Other Northwest towns such as Bolton, Warrington and Wigan, showed the next highest percentage of boob jobs after Manchester. Yorkshire and the Northeast were next, with many women in Leeds, Bradford and Newcastle looking to improve their image and build their confidence with a breast uplift, whereas Scotland and the Isle of Wight showed very few women undergoing breast augmentation.

The Midlands, including Birmingham and Wolverhampton, came next on the boob front, with Cheshire, England's richest county and home to many of the UK's WAGs and footballers, not far behind.

Apart from Bristol, women in London and the Southwest seem to be content with their breasts, as this area showed a significantly lower proportion of boob job enquiries and procedures than other areas of the country.

However despite the differences between North and South, SurgiCare has still seen an overall increase in the demand for boob jobs and breast augmentations over the past year, even despite the recent credit crunch. Even though northern women are the most likely to opt for a boob job to achieve the perfect results they crave, it seems that women all over the UK are still coveting beautiful breasts.


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