Connie Sokol Interviews Inspiring Women on Life is Too Short for One Hair Color Global Radio

Published: Fri Nov 21 2008

Connie Sokol, President of LIFEChange, will interview three women who will share inspirational stories on life challenges. Barbara Barrington-Jones is a national author and speaker who addresses life issues for women and teens. Having survived an abusive marriage, she has helped women reclaim their confidence and achieve their personal potential with her principles for center and focus. Renee Bondi has overcome life-changing challenges since becoming a quadraplegic and now shares her new-found abilities as an accomplished singer. Celest Eggert, public relations representative for The Road Home, will discuss the very real plight of and solutions for the homeless who are more likely now to be a neighbor or co-worker.

"Just hearing their personal stories will truly make you feel more gratitude and purpose in your life, right now, challenges and all," says Sokol. "Each woman has had to deal with what life gave them and make something better from it, and they did."

Sokol’s one-hour radio show aims to reach all women, specifically 25 to 55, with an emphasis on life fulfillment and business balance. Also included on this week's show is a continuation of "10 Tips to Survive and Thrive During the Holidays".

"What makes Life is Too Short unique is that we help you take what you hear and plug it into your own life to make a difference," says Sokol. "It's a weekly boost that can actually carry you through the entire week."

LIFEChange is a proven life coaching system helping women create their ideal life and experience results in one week. Connie Sokol, founder and president, developed this unique coaching system to help women in the trenches, like herself. She is a mother of six children while maintaining her role as president of LIFEChange and an Executive LIFECoach.

Mrs. Sokol’s previous radio experience includes KSTAR and Bonneville Communications AM 820 "Radio for Women". She is also a former TV host of Bonneville Communications’ weekly "Studio 5" and TV series "Standing Up". Mrs. Sokol is also a columnist for magazines and newspapers, and is the author of Life is Too Short for One Hair Color and Life is Too Short for Sensible Shoes.

About Connie Sokol
Connie Sokol is the mother of six, president of LIFEChange, an Executive LIFECoach, author, columnist, national presenter, and former radio and TV host. Mrs. Sokol connects LIFEChange principles to everyday women practices. Through her humorous and compelling presentations, columns and articles, and daily living LIFEChange principles, Mrs. Sokol helps women embrace change and live more fulfilling lives.

About LIFEChange:
LIFEChange is a proven personal LIFECoaching system helping women create their ideal life and experience results in one week. Certified LIFECoaches successfully guide clients through transitions with real-time solutions. Using LIFEKits that include presentation workbooks and CDs, LIFECoaching, an online community site, and internet presentations, women learn how to get organized, get fit, and get purpose. For more information visit or call 801.787.4910.

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