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Published: Sat Nov 22 2008

Seventy-five percent of HR practitioners come from a non-HR background with little or no formal human resources training. These people deal with gut level human resources issues and are often times unaware of the emotional and legal consequences of their decisions. Now, thanks to Matthew Rosen, people can turn to HR for Non-HR People, a company that offers HR training programs designed to give the new HR practitioner insight into the minefield of complexities associated with human resources.

Rosen, CEO of HR for Non-HR People, knows the realities and legalities of HR, and in his 25 plus years of HR experience, he has seen and dealt with it all. Now his lively and colorful seminars are bringing "go forward" knowledge and solutions of specific problems to HR employees, who are often from an administrative or financial background and find themselves thrust into an HR role.

"From holiday layoffs to handling complaints involving temps, the issues in HR are countless," said Matthew Rosen. "When you’re dealing with peoples’ lives, you have to know what you’re doing, especially considering the severity of the impact of HR decisions.

Seminar participants receive all of the tools to manage the human resources function at their companies, gain the confidence to handle existing HR issues with conviction, learn to make appropriate recommendations and take the proper course of action.

Training programs are held at the Schiller International University Tampa, located at 205 S. Hoover Avenue in Tampa. The next seminars are December 4 and 11, 2008. Program highlights include the impact of the Obama Administration on HR, as well as the new FMLA bill of rights. For the 2009 schedule, registration, pricing and additional information visit, call 727-259-8607 or email

About HR for Non-HR People
HR for Non-HR People is a Tampa Bay area company that offers human resources seminars for employees, often from an administrative or financial background who find themselves thrust into an HR role. Instructor A. Matthew Rosen, Esq. brings over 25 years of legal/HR experience, extensive legal expertise and a lively personality to the classroom where he gives ordinary employees a hands-on, reality-based training program designed to give insight into the realities and legalities of the human resources field .

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