Celebrity Insurance Policies - Truth or Media Hype

From: NoClaimsDiscount.co.uk
Published: Sat Nov 22 2008

Every week it appears as though one celebrity or another is in the news for an outlandish insurance policy. Whether it’s reports that America Ferrera has insured her smile for $10 million, or Heidi Klum’s legs, celebrity insurance policies are always big news in the gossip world. Seen as conspicuous consumption by some, and a necessity by others, it can be difficult to separate the truth from fiction with these policies.

No Claims Discount sheds some light on this insurance news, and offers a rare inside look at the truth behind celebrity insurance policies. In most cases, the policies are taken out, but the media machine may blow the amount out of proportion, while publicists work hard to spin their clients as much coverage as possible. Somewhere in the middle however, the truth can be found, and that’s the fact that like or not, insurance coverage is vital, in any walk of life.

Whether it’s health insurance or business insurance for a movie production, insurance policies are a necessity. Indemnifying against loss or risk is a practice that everyone can benefit from, whether they are the latest up and coming Hollywood starlet, a theater company, or an everyday person. The risks are real, and without proper protection, the potential for loss can be staggering.

No Claims Discount offers the public the ability to easily access custom insurance quotes on a number of different types of policies. From insuring your car, to protecting your pet, the company makes it easy to find the coverage you need. We may not all be in the limelight, but the need for insurance is one that is universal.

About the Company: No Claims Discount offers consumers the opportunity to get real pricing from real insurance companies, without all the hassles. Thousands of customers have been able to find the right insurance plan thanks to their efforts. By offering consumers real world information about insurance policies, the site provides a valuable, unique service that is unmatched.

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