Sales Leads from Web Video Growing Fast in Tough Economy

Published: Tue Nov 25 2008

As the name implies, Last Second Media is in the business of sales communications with recency - a time immediately before the present. With their new Web Video Launch 2.0, clients enjoy the foresight in having their web video in the right place at the right time. By posting informative web videos on hundreds of subject matter economically, potential customers find Web Video Launch clients right when they are searching for information about high dollar financial transactions.

Whether Client customers seek help in medical devices or elective surgery, want help selling their timeshare, are choosing a medicare diabetes supplier, have begun looking to sell their life insurance, or want information about a reverse mortgage; Web Video Launch 2.0 delivers a one minute or longer web video that has been optimized for top placement on Google and other search engines.

Today, Last Second Media announced it will offer Web Video Launch 2.0 to provide integrated sales lead generation using Web Video SEO on a PI, Per Inquiry, CPL, CPA or CPS basis. This means clients can enjoy unlimited sales leads and pay only for performance of the campaign.

"Say you can make $40,000 on a sale of Premium Insurance Financing for Life Insurance. You’re looking for an individual over 70 with a net worth over $5 million and is smart enough to understand the proposition. That’s really a needle in the haystack totaling maybe 5000 persons in the US. Using Web Video Launch 2.0, you can be at the top of highly relevant searches for Premium Insurance Financing for Life Insurance in an affordable and profitable way. For high dollar financial transactions, we can help Clients find qualified, motivated customers across the US, Canada, Mexico and the world. And we will continue to keep Clients ahead of the curve with new direct marketing innovations make you relevant to your potential customers," says Frank Pournelle, President of Last Second Media Inc.

In tough economic times, advertisers and marketers of financial transactions are adopting Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) advertising campaigns in increasing numbers to maintain profitability. By offering CPL Web Video, Web Video Launch bridges the gap between offline TV and radio advertising, with a series of performance based online campaigns. Web Video Launch 2.0 clients may pay for each web or phone lead using CPL (Cost per lead), CPA (Cost per Action) CPC (Cost per Call) or even PI (Per Inquiry) basis.

"Cost-Per-Lead advertising allows advertisers to pay only for leads - and not for impressions and clicks that frequently never convert, " says Vice President for Business Development, Robert Visco. "Online lead generation has traditionally been associated with generic, re-sold sales leads or incentivized co-registration. With Web Video Launch 2.0 advertisers generate unique marketing leads, which are specific to their particular campaign and are never re-sold. Advertisers can then use these marketing leads to remarket to their consumers - building e-newsletter lists, forums, community sites, reward programs and other member acquisition programs.

Web Video Launch 2.0 is a monthly service for high dollar financial marketing on a cost per lead (CPL) basis. Corporate lead generation clients enjoy high ranking on Google and other search engines using integrated search engine optimization(SEO), web video, PR, RSS and social media. The lower cost advertising and marketing services are achieved by building and launching web video pages optimized for relevance, recency, and sales conversion. As highly efficient, you can pay for each lead and eliminate much of the risk of advertising online.

The original Web Video Launch syndicates web videos and associated promotion components for clients and entities in over 120 categories. Reach extends to over 55 video engines, 160 blogs and 195 social book marketing locations. The basic service cost is $3,000 a month against a guaranteed cost per lead (CPL).

If you are marketing a high-dollar lead generation offer, call for your own web video consultation.
Until December 31, 2008, LSM is offering complimentary Web Video Launch 2.0 research for qualified client candidates in the sales industry. This research provides an estimate of the total search population each month in Client sales category. Call or write Frank Pournelle, President, Last Second Media at 1- 800-334-4500 or visit to see Web Video Launch case studies.

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