New Dance Exercise DVDs Helping America Burn Stubborn Body Fat

From: Group One Fitness USA LLC
Published: Tue Nov 25 2008

The DanceX dance exercise DVDs are low impact and easy to follow. They are part dance, part aerobics and completely fun and not to mention a total body workout. They feature the creator Kenn Kihiu a well known consumer health and fitness expert who has a dazzling smile and is choke-full of encouragement, and contagious enthusiasm.

Available from the dance moves featured in DanceX are refreshingly fun and easy to follow with very different exercise routines you are not likely to find in other dance exercise DVDs. The music is a blend of genres from all around the world like Disco, Latin dance, 50's, Bhangra, Africa, Brazilian Samba, Irish Dance, Classical Dance and has been described as a "musical time warp crossing decades"

"Every muscle in your body is worked" says Dee Wilson from "this dance exercise DVD leaves me inspired and energized for the rest of the week" another DanceXer Marie Scott agrees and says that "It's such a great way to start the day" Another workout enthusiast Rhonda Floyd says, "It's perfect for anyone who loves to dance. The DVD has awesome music and the workout is easy to follow and fun. Kenn Kihiu is so positive and very inspiring!"

DanceX is not only popular in the US but is growing in popularity in Europe and around the world. Pamela Salvatora from Italy has noticed quick results and after using it for a few weeks she has lost about 5 kilos (equivalent to 11 pounds) of stubborn body fat.

The dance exercise DVDs are low impact and designed to improve aerobic capacity, muscle endurance and strengthen the core, while burning serious calories. The true genius of DanceX is how much fun it is and the simplicity of the ease with which you can easily it. During the simple to follow cardio based exercise workout Kenn offers very helpful instruction by calling out the moves in advance so there is no memorization involved, just you moving your body and loving it. To learn more about Kenn's danceX fitness workout visit

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