Alt-N Technologies Combats Email Fraud and "Phishing" by Integrating Yahoo's DomainKeys with MDaemon

From: Alt-N Technologies, Ltd.
Published: Tue Apr 19 2005

Alt-N Technologies (, the premier publisher of email, groupware and fax software for the Windows platform, announces the integration of DomainKeys with the release of MDaemon 8.0. DomainKeys is the technology initiative to counter fraudulent emails and address spoofing, also known as 'phishing.' MDaemon 8.0 is the first email server software for the Microsoft Windows platform to have DomainKeys fully integrated. By building DomainKeys into MDaemon, Alt-N continues its tradition of building the latest security and fraud-protection features into its flagship MDaemon mail server.

Forbes Radio recently interviewed Arvel Hathcock, founder and CEO of Alt-N Technologies. Hathcock spoke of the new tools in MDaemon 8.0 for sender verification and message integrity. "DomainKeys within MDaemon does make it impossible to send forged or fraudulent email and get away with it. There's a tremendous positive impact on the phishing problem."

Visit the Alt-N Technologies website to listen to Arvel Hathcock's Forbes Radio interview discussing DomainKeys at

DomainKeys validates the sender address and message integrity of each email received. Because of this, DomainKeys is also gaining acceptance for counteracting email address spoofing. What began as a nascent working group within Yahoo! has become a rapidly growing industry standard supported by Google, Alt-N, Earthlink and scores of major Internet players. You can learn more about DomainKeys by visiting the project homepage (

MDaemon 8.0 includes the first implementation of DomainKeys for the Microsoft Windows platform. MDaemon creates outbound signatures and validates inbound messages signed with DomainKeys. The MDaemon configuration wizard assists novice administrators in the steps to configure DomainKeys. The DomainKeys security feature is available in MDaemon 8.0 Pro version only.

Hathcock continues, offering advice for organizations concerned with protecting their customers: "Phishers are using any means necessary to trick consumers into revealing sensitive information. Banks and popular websites have to take drastic action to curb these abuses. With MDaemon 8.0, Alt-N Technologies is working with these companies to ensure their success."

Visit the Alt-N Technologies website ( to learn more about MDaemon 8.0 with DomainKeys. Download the latest release of MDaemon for a free, no-obligation 30-day trial. MDaemon continues to help the world communicate with message integrity and reliable security.

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