Disney Magazine Ceases Publication

From: TEMCo...The E-ffordable Magazine Co
Published: Tue Apr 19 2005

"We've been flooded with calls from customers about the decision. Although most of the calls are from parents who have children who are worried that they will no longer be receiving Disney Magazine, some customers were concerned about the fact they've already paid for the magazine. And, we've reassured them, and we can reassure the rest of our customers, that they will get what they paid for-guaranteed," says Jennifer Waley, Director of Circulation at TEMCo.

Upon being notified by the publisher about the decision to cease publication of the magazine, TEMCo (The E-ffordable Magazine Co) executives immediately held an emergency meeting. "Yeah. Imagine that. It's tax time, and our biggest worry is Disney Magazine ceasing publication. It's a very important magazine for us. In fact, it's our biggest children's title. We were very concerned about the whole thing."

But, an hour and a half later, executives emerged from the meeting with a solution to their problem-and much less stressed than when they had entered.

"In about a week, our Disney Magazine subscribers will have received a letter explaining the situation to them. We are giving them the option to receive a complete refund, or to accept another magazine in Disney Magazine's place. The magazine that we are substituting is another Disney title named Disney Adventures. It's quite similar to Disney Magazine and we feel as though our customers will be happy with the magazine.
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