celebrates 250th EuroMillions Lottery draw

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Published: Thu Nov 27 2008, Britain's most popular independent website dedicated to the UK National Lottery, is celebrating the 250th EuroMillions draw that took place on Friday 21st November.

The 250th EuroMillions lottery draw was widely considered a landmark in the history of lottery gaming. Since it's launch, the game has created a plethora of European millionaires and enjoying a high level popularity that shows no signs of waning.

Only three countries participated in the original Euro lotto on its launch in February 2004 but the game is now played in nine separate European countries, making it the biggest lottery in the world, with a jackpot which is never worth less than €15,000,000. If no one gets the EuroMillions results required to win the top prize, the jackpot fund rolls over to the next draw.

Due to the success and popularity of the EuroMillions draw, it may well be used as a template for a larger World Lottery in the future, which some have said could be available to play within the next five years. Sam Weren from said, "Lottery players prefer larger jackpots and there are signs that EuroMillions, with its much bigger jackpots, is attracting players away from the UK Lotto game. So it stands to reason that a World Lottery Draw with even bigger jackpots would attract players across the board."

Under a proposal from Dianne Thompson, the chief executive of Camelot, the company that operates the National Lottery, "up to 100 millionaires" would be created every month with one annual game that could result in a prize of £250 million for one lucky winner. Twenty countries would need to sign up to create the £250 million prize, which would rival the jackpots of American state draws. To date, the largest pay out has been to Andre Whittaker from West Virginia, who won $315 million (£160 million) in 2002.

A total of 48 countries have expressed an interest in a World Lottery following the unveiling of the proposal last year.

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