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Published: Thu Dec 04 2008

A very colorful and free online photo hunt game that can be played on your computer (PC, Mac, or Linux system) has been developed and launched by Mr. Khoi Hong (web programmer and designer). This game can also be played on iPhone abd iPod Touch by visiting the http://iPhotoHunt.com website using the iPhone Safari web browser.

If you like playing touch screen photo hunt games while having a drink at the bar, you are sure to like this Tik5 Photo hunt game, which comes all the way to your living room so that you can enjoy playing it on your computer. This game is exactly the same as the photo hunt games played at the bars. The Tik5 Photo hunt game can be played using any web browsers with JavaScript & Adobe Flash enabled like the Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Safari, and Opera in any platform (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

To play this free photo hunt game, just visit the website http://www.tik5.com and start playing directly without taking the trouble of downloading. At the start of the game, the users will be asked to enter their year of birth. Users who are 18 years and above can play games that come under the adult category. People below 18 can only play games that are under the general category. This is because some of the photos of babes and hunks that appear in the adult category are suitable only for adult viewing.

Spot all the five differences between 2 similar pictures and have fun. There are 450 levels in this exciting game and more levels are likely to be added in the future. Points increase for each difference that is correctly spotted, but for a wrong click, points will be deducted. The difference can be spotted on either of the pictures. There are 3 hints (three red and white life rings) to help the player in the game. If a hint is used to find a difference, then the player loses points whereas unused hints are awarded with ‘Extra Hint Bonus’ points at the end of each level. For each wrong click and usage of hints, the timer runs faster. Your game gets over if you don't complete the level before the timer runs out. Only your highest score will be saved on the site with the help of the built-in global leader board. A built-in ‘anti cheat’ system is also incorporated to prevent cheaters from ruining others games. If you want to close your eyes, stretch your fingers and relax for a few minutes, or you need time to answer the doorbell or phone, you can always click on the ‘Pause Game’ option, but this option can be used only twice. Lovely music will be played in the background and you have the facility to turn it on or off by clicking the Sound On/Off option.

Khoi Hong says that he got the idea of developing the photo hunt game (which he used to play at bars) that can be played on iPhones no sooner had the Apple Inc. introduced the iPhone. He then developed the spot the difference game both for iPhones as well as computers. To develop both the websites, Tik5.com for computers and iPhotoHunt.com for iPod Touch and iPhone, it took him four months. He got the idea four years back but it materialized only recently.

Khoi Hong
web programmer and designer
Tik5 Photo Hunt
Clarksville, TN
Company: Tik5 Photo Hunt
Contact Name: Khoi Hong
Contact Email: htkhoi2@gmail.com

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