Former United States Marine Starts Marine Corps 365 Blog

From: Neekam Inc
Published: Thu Dec 04 2008

Former United States Marine, David Stam, has created the Marine Corps 365 blog to keep up on the news of what it’s like being a US Marine. See the blog here: Read up here for news and information on United States Marine Corps, Marine Corps Marathon, Marine Corps uniforms, Marine Corps ranks, Marine Corps birthday, Marine Corps boot camp, Marine Corps logo and more!

David Stam says, "Marines are famous for their dedication to the United States and their courageous performance in difficult situations. With the Marine Corps’ key participation in the Global War on Terrorism in Afghanistan, Somalia, and Iraq, the USA owes it to them to provide the equipment and services that make their mission a success. This blog is my small contribution"

The Marine Corps 365 Blog shows its support of the Marine Corps in ways that might not otherwise be used. This blog will provide a forum and information on: Marine Corps hymn, US Marine Corps, Marine Corps tattoos, Marine Corps pay scale, Marine Corps league, Marine Corps museum, Marine Corps symbol, Marine Corps birthday ball, Marine Corps emblem and more!

To fulfill the mission, vision and goals for the continual success of the Marine Corps Objectives and Mission the reaches out to readers, organizations to preserve and propagate the history, traditions and culture of the Marine Corps.

David Stam says, "Even if the USA completely withdraws from Iraq in 2011, as President Elect Obama and the Iraqi government say they would like, the Marines will remain on a very alert footing there throughout the next Presidency. This blog will reflect that."

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