Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars Have Been Exposed

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Published: Thu Dec 11 2008

Are hybrid cars bad? Ten disadvantages of hybrid cars have been exposed by John S. Rhodes of the Hybrid Cars, Hybrid Trucks, Hybrid Vans web site. Surprisingly, there are very real risks associated with these types of vehicles.

The list is immediately available to the public at the following web site address: http://hybridcarstrucksvans.com/hybrid-cars/disadvantages-of-hybrid-cars/

The list exposes the problems with hybrid cars. As John S. Rhodes states, "Hybrid cars are not perfect. Everyone thinks they are wonderful and perfect in every way, but we clearly demonstrate this is not true. Our list of the disadvantages of hybrid cars blows the cover on the hybrid vehicle industry secrets"

The list of problems and issues is going to surprise many people. Although most people know that hybrids cost more and are more complex to service, they donít know the whole truth. As Mr. Rhodes states, "We found out that hybrids arenít generating enough noise. Thatís right. They are too quiet. Visually impaired people are at risk of getting killed by these hybrid vehicles"

The 10 Disadvantages of Hybrids exposes even more shocking news. Hybrid cars leave a substantial carbon footprint. Although this is counterintuitive there is a very good reason. Rhodes explains, "The irony is that it still takes a lot of energy and nasty chemicals to build hybrid cars and SUVs. In fact, research indicates that the process is more environmentally unfriendly than conventional manufacturing. Frankly, youíre not saving the planet as much as you think"

One of the big problems with hybrid cars is that they are still not well understood. They tend to have more electrical components, complicated technology, and sophisticated parts. This increases complexity when hybrids get into accidents. Support personnel arenít trained to handle issues with hybrid batteries.

John S. Rhodes explains that much of this information is available online. But, it isnít usable or friendly. The HybridCarsTrucksVans.com web site has made access very simple. The information is consolidated and easy to use. As Rhodes says, "This list of hybrid car problems weíve developed covers every angle. Trust me, you will be surprised"

For more information about the disadvantages of hybrid cars, interested parties may visit http://HybridCarsTrucksVans.com or send an Email to John S. Rhodes at john.rhodes@gmail.com.

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