MultiFactor Corporation Announces Integration into IBM Tivoli

From: MultiFactor Corporation
Published: Thu Dec 11 2008

MultiFactor Corporation, an innovator in 2 factor authentication, web application security and SSL VPN Authentication solutions, today announced that SecureAuth, its award-winning, 2-way authentication solution, has been integrated into IBM’s new Tivoli Identity and Access Manager V1.0 and IBM Tivoli Unified Single Sign-On V1.0.

The new IBM Suite provides the ability for the enterprise to allow access to network and web resources with federated single sign on, inside, outside and between organizations. SecureAuth strongly authenticates the user and provides the enterprise a valid session ticket that is used for access to a single application or across multiple domains and organizations.

"The combined SecureAuth and Tivoli Unified Single Sign On products enable the enterprise to securely and easily manage digital identity from the first user registration all the way through de-provisioning an inactive user," said Garret Grajek, COO of MultiFactor Corporation. "SecureAuth integrates natively into Tivoli’s standard authentication policies utilizing native WebSeal authentication junctions. SecureAuth requires no additional coding for Tivoli integration."

SecureAuth adds 2-way, client server authentication to the Tivoli offerings. This provides massive scalability of the Tivoli infrastructure which is often used to front-end large WebSphere applications. No additional database infrastructure is required in the SecureAuth model. SecureAuth utilizes the native directory store of the IBM TAMeb infrastructure. SecureAuth can also utilize MultiFactor Corporation’s unique array of web services to securely register end-users for the lowest possible user friction in their authentication experience.

MultiFactor Corporation is the leader in strong, simple to use, dual factor authentication. Its flagship product, SecureAuth, is a true plug-n-play authentication mechanism that allows secure access into the enterprise network and application resources. Enabling the enterprise to cost effectively harness the true power of the network. For more information or a demonstration of SecureAuth, please visit

About MultiFactor Corporation
MultiFactor Corporation is pioneering the delivery of the strongest, proven 2 factor authentication, web application security, IPSec and SSL VPN security methodologies in an easy-to-deploy, low-maintenance product called SecureAuth™. This tokenless, browser-based authentication solution generates and validates client- and server- side certificates without PKI. SecureAuth represents the evolution of a technology that, for more than two decades, has remained the de facto standard for identity and access management technology. More secure than hardware or software tokens, SecureAuth is inexpensive to acquire, deploy and manage. MultiFactor Corporation’s innovation and its development of real-world security solutions draws from a diversified team of cryptographers, network and Web application specialists and certified security engineers. For more information, please visit

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