Carl Froch Endorses DEEP OSCILLATION® Therapy as Premiership Team Add The German Patented Therapy to

From: PhysioPod UK Limited
Published: Fri Dec 12 2008

Forty-eight hours ahead of the victorious WBC Super-Middleweight Title fight to Canadian Jean Pascal, Carl Froch took time out to further endorse the use of his DEEP OSCILLATION® PERSONAL SPORTS UNIT. He has been using the self-treatment device on a regular basis for the last fifteen months, producing the results he needs to keep injury rehabilitation times to a minimum whilst in training camp.

The timing of Froch’s latest comments is excellent news for PhysioPod UK Limited, the Sole UK/Ireland Distributor of the German patented therapy; Physiopod UK have also confirmed the therapy’s recent arrival in the Medical Room of a top Premiership Football Club, where it has been used for the last three months, producing effective results in speeding up player injury healing times.

Carl Froch made the following statement to PhysioPod for the DEEP OSCILLATION® PERSONAL SPORTS
"I took the portable machine to Ireland on my training camp to help with any knocks and bangs encountered whilst training and mainly during sparing. My elbows give me the most trouble, which is the same for a lot of Boxers. Usually, as part of my normal diet I take 100mg of Diclofenic Sodium, a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug to help with the pain and swelling but since using the machine on a regular basis, I seldom feel the need to take this medication. Not only does the machine reduce the inflammation but I believe it has also improved my range of movement, which in turn helps with the overuse syndrome suffered by many top sports men and women"

Carl first used the self-treatment therapy when bothered by troublesome swelling on his knee after ACL surgery. The unit reduced the swelling successfully and a further operation was avoided. Dr (Mr.) Derek Bickerstaff, the top guru knee surgeon, was also very impressed with his rate of recovery following the self-treatment.

How DEEP OSCILLATION® works: An electrostatic field is built up between the gloved hands of the therapist/or applicator and the tissue, it is then pulsed in varying frequencies throughout treatment. This causes the tissue segment undergoing treatment to be attracted and released, as the hands of the therapist massage the area or the applicator moves, triggering a unique, deeply penetrating lasting resonance vibration known as DEEP OSCILLATION®. It is an extremely safe, gentle form of massage, making it an ideal option for acute injuries where in the early stages other forms of therapy are not suitable. DEEP OSCILLATION® reaches a depth of 8cm; penetrating all tissue layers including having effects in the connective tissue, providing faster regeneration after training, traumatic injury, damage from overstraining and operations and for muscle aches, strains, inflammation, swelling, wounds. It does not require heat or electrical stimulation to obtain results and so can be applied over implanted metal pins and plates.

Further Information:

DEEP OSCILLATION® was introduced to the UK in 2006 and not only is it enjoying a good reputation in the sporting elite but since September 2007, it is being used successfully as a treatment for horses and their riders. Leading the way in Equine therapy Gilliyan Carter of Equi-Therapy™ UK teaches an Equine Sports Massage Diploma and uses an identical unit to the one Carl has as one of her tools. Several of her graduates across the UK are now using and have taken the unit with them as far a field as Dubai and South Africa.

More recently in the Canine World, Sports Therapist, Judy Spooner B.Sc. (Hons) began using on her canine patients with good results and is soon to commence a paper to this effect.

Since April 2008, Sossi Yerissian (MA) Dip. ION, BANT, MLD (Dr. Vodder Technique and Casley Smith Method) commenced working with the therapy in London, writing an informative piece of her use for MLD UK newsletter and another article for Massage World. Private sector MLD Therapists have followed her lead in quick succession.
In October 2008, at the BLS Annual Conference in Belfast, Dr Kirsten Mathiske-Schmidt of Charité University Hospital in Berlin presented their successful study of its use for Secondary Breast Lymphoedema patients.

A recent study has estimated that at least 100,000 people in the UK suffer from Lymphoedema (a condition where swelling develops as a result of an impaired lymphatic system). MLD Therapists are combining DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy with their existing MLD techniques to obtain effective results for their patients.

Aesthetic surgery patients are now benefiting from shortened recovery times from post-operative swellings, redness and with post surgical pain substantially reduced. A dynamic wound healing is promoted with less resultant scar tissue. The option of first day post-operative treatment to speed up the healing process is often an attractive route for Surgeons and their patients.

Taster Sessions in Nottingham for DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy
If you would like more details regarding the DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy and their free taster sessions in which to experience the therapy in an informal setting then please visit PhysioPod UK Ltd (Sole UK/Ireland Distributors).

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