AdVal’s ACE in a Hole goes down a Bomb!

From: BLP&PR
Published: Wed Apr 20 2005

A contract to train military users and maintainers of an innovative new bomb disposal system has been awarded to AdVal Learning Solutions (ALS).

The new system – (ACE) Abrasive Cutting Equipment - uses high-pressure water jets to cut through bomb castings to allow officers to remotely remove firing mechanisms and clean out explosives.

AB Precision Limited (ABP) and DIAJET Limited (Diajet) were awarded the contract to produce ACE for the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Thirty-four ACE systems, consisting of the abrasive water cutting equipment and remote manipulator system, are to be supplied to the MoD together with supporting spares, documentation and training.

ALS – which fields substantial experience in defence systems training - was awarded the ACE training contract by AB Precision.

ALS is to implement a blended training solution for ACE operators and maintainers. The program comprises a formal 5-day training course for the operators and a Course Training Plan (CTP) supported by PowerPoint presentation materials and video to cover set-up and operating procedures.

ALS won the ACE training contract on the strength of its initial training needs analysis (TNA) of the project.

"Our TNA ensured that all aspects of the equipment’s use and maintenance had been clearly identified so that a really cost-effective and appropriate training solution for ACE could be implemented," says ALS managing director Peter Bonfield.

"We are delighted to win this contract. ACE offers a major enhancement in unexploded ordnance disposal technology."

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