Kids Fitness Becoming More Fun With DanceX For Kids Fitness Video

From: Group One Fitness USA LLC
Published: Wed Dec 17 2008

Local schools and kids fitness clubs are learning that they can get kids exercising by using the DanceX for Kids fitness video that combines fun exercise moves with global music hits from around the world.

Most children love music, especially fast-paced fun tunes. Fitness expert Kenn Kihiu from Washington, D.C., created the DanceX for Kids fitness DVD and teachers across the country are using the video to help kids get a good workout when they cannot go outside for recess or P.E.

The students from Evergreen Elementary in Washington state became state Champions for the Governor’s Challenge for fitness and mileage. The school’s physical education coordinator, Tom Davis, believes the kids’ great performances were inspired by getting in shape with the DanceX kids fitness DVD before the testing took place.

Parents can get out the dance video on those rainy days when laziness sets in or anytime that the kids need activity. Kihiu believes the video is fun for kids aged 4-13 and helps build confidence and self-esteem. Remember those moves called the hand jive or the washing machine? Kihiu added those, along with the twist, hoola hoop, locomotion, and others. The16 songs from around the world include hits from disco, Latin, classical, soul, Irish dance, and the ’50s.

In addition to the cardio workout, the DVD also features nutrition tips for improving a child’s health, and a "move your body, move your life" feature. "I have gotten emails from mothers who tell me that they have organized fitness sleepovers for their children that revolve around working out to the DanceX for Kids fitness video," Kihiu said.

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