Izzicarhire Offers its Quality Rental Services in Serbia

From: Izzicarhire.com
Published: Wed Dec 17 2008

This week, Izzicarhire is proud to announce it has extended its car rental services into country in Balkan: Serbia. A wide variety of high-quality car makes and models are now available at Izzicarhire.com, all at the economic prices our customers desire.

Serbia, and in particular the valley of Morava is often described as "the crossroad between the East and the West", which is one of primary reasons for its turbulent history. The valley is by far the easiest way of land travel from continental Europe to Greece and Asia Minor. IzziCarHire.com is now offering its renowned car hiring services to visitors of Serbia. Car rentals in Serbia are now available online at Izzicarhire.com for low, affordable prices our customers throughout Europe desire.

Belgrade is situated at the place where the Sava joins the Danube. Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe and, beside Athens, the greatest urban whole of the Balkan Peninsula. Situated at the historic borders of eastern and western empires, Belgrade has been shaped by its history, each leaving traces as new generations continue to build and fight over this highly prized city.

Serbia has three international airports. The main hub in Belgrade is Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. It is just a few kilometers away from downtown Belgrade. Major European airlines fly to Belgrade. Serbian national airline Jat Airways flies to all major cities in Europe, to northern Africa and to the Middle East.

People of Novi Sad are intensely proud of their city, and with good reason. Often compared to Belgrade, it has a similar charm, culture, and night-life to the capital, but on a smaller, more personal scale. For those who appreciate art, music, food and fun, but prefer a laid back city that is less frenetic than Belgrade, Novi Sad is a perfect combination of urban sophistication and bohemian relaxation. Novi Sad draws visitors from all over the world to the EXIT music festival.

When looking for a comfortable and affordable rental car to use in Serbia, Izzicarhire.com guarantees high-quality rentals at economic prices and services that are so easy to get – just with one click of the mouse.

Izzicarhire.com is a global car rental dealer with a special focus on Central and East Europe. With very competitive prices and offering only high quality local car rental providers it strives to be the number one on-line dealer in Europe.

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