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From: ibooka Limited
Published: Thu Apr 21 2005

Do you remember how nervous you were when you took your first driving lessons when learning to drive. For most people initially it is terrifying, however, it is ok because you know you have this experienced instructor next to you, who is giving you his/her undivided attention and will "step in" if things go wrong. The confidence that gives allows people to pull away from the side of the road and start driving is incredibly powerful and helps so many take the first steps in learning to drive, that is until, the instructors mobile phone rings !

A driving instructor taking a call (hands-free of course) from a prospective student, arranging or re-arranging a booking for another lesson could very well be the most dangerous thing that could happens on the roads. However, driving instructors often have to be available to take a call at all times or risk missing that important new customer or next booking.

Even if the instructor does not answer a phone call or even has his phone turned off during lessons, then there is still an expensive and time consuming message pick up and call back to the customer/prospective customer with the inevitable game of telephone tag that follows. It is equally frustrating for independent driving instructors to receive calls from students late into the evenings and larger driving schools with separate offices that take booking are simply shut after 6pm.

So why don’t driving schools and independent driving instructors have online reservation systems that their customers could use? Bookings could be made without the phone call to the office or the instructor, could be made at 1am in the morning if desired, just as a college assignment is finished or night out with friends is over (the perfect time to make a booking for most young people learning to drive).

To offer a booking and reservation system to customers and potential customers across the internet has many advantages, it frees up staff, you never miss a call from someone wanting to book a lesson and driving instructors never have to take a call while taking a lesson. However, online reservations systems are usually expensive, need specialised IT staff, need investments in computer equipment and take too long to implement when most driving instructors want to do is focus on what they know and have that unique experience in - teaching people to drive !

ibooka Limited have changed this paradigm and are supplying hosted online (internet) booking and reservation systems on a "pennies-per-booking" basis to driving schools and instructors around the world. There is a live demonstration of an ibooka site for driving schools on the ibooka web site at www.ibooka.com where you can "test drive" ibooka to see the benefits it can bring to driving schools.

With ibooka you can even take payments across the internet. It is incredibly easy to use, you don’t buy any new computer equipment, no new software, you don’t even need to "backup" the system, in fact all you do is enjoy the benefits and savings that ibooka brings to the driving school. You (or the student as a booking fee) only pay for actual bookings and even then only pennies for each one.

For more information about ibooka and how ibooka can provide a solution at your driving school please contact ibooka at ibooka@ibooka.com

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