Researchers Offer Psychic Medium Reading To Study Volunteers

New research at seeks to verify psychic medium communication with those who have passed away.

[ClickPress, Sat Jan 03 2009] A new online research project from aims to learn whether psychic mediums can really deliver messages from beyond. And, whether such messages can help those who’ve suffered the loss of a loved one. According to founder, Alex Tsakiris:

“We’re researching medium communication to determine if psychics can provide accurate information about those who have passed away. This is a tightly controlled scientific research experiment similar to the work of Dr. Gary Schwartz and Dr. Julie Beischel at the University of Arizona.”

Those interested in participating are asked to complete a questionnaire about someone they know who has passed away. Participants who meet the study requirement receive up to 5 free readings from professional mediums.

Those interesting in participating can complete the OpenSourceScience Reading Questionnaire at:

About OpenSourceScience: is the first scientifically oriented website to bring the power of open source methods to the skeptical examination of controversial areas of science such as telepathy, psi, medium communication, parapsychology, near-death experiences, and after-life encounters.

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