Gossip Craze Announce All-New Gossip Craze YouTube Video Features

From: Gossip Craze
Published: Mon Jan 05 2009

Gossip Craze, today announced that the all-new Gossip Craze YouTube Video features are available to Gossip Craze's members worldwide. The new products have been enhanced with new features and redesigned.

Gossip Craze users can embed into the site photos directly from their computers photo albums and videos from popular video sites such as YouTube.

Gossip Craze can be utilized in a variety of ways, including sharing funny photos, news stories, thoughts, expressing opinions, sharing celebrity photos and videos, reading daily celebrity news, writing reviews, posting funny Hollywood news, and more. Users are required to log-in or sign up on Gossip Craze to start a post.

Gossip Craze also include a star rating system that allows each user to rate each topic within each category; this makes it even easier to find the best discussions on Gossip Craze.

Gossip Craze's new features and functions will facilitate communication, sharing and exchange among all Gossip Craze users, and even those not on Gossip Craze yet, as both products are available to non-members for viewing.

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