Betty Confidential Cuts to the Chase on Childhood Obesity with Laura Fenamore’s Help

Published: Tue Jan 06 2009

Body Image Mentor Laura Fenamore does it again! Her simple, non-judgemental, down-to-earth article, "The 1-2-3 / ABC’s of Childhood Obesity," has been picked up by the popular women’s blog / website, Betty Confidential.

Laura is a Body Image Mastery Mentor and a featured blogger in the Health and Wellness arena for My Compass Life, as well as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). She has mentored hundreds of clients to mirror what she created in her own life – a 100-pound weight loss that has lasted for more than twenty years. She was also recently featured by the number one women’s web property, GLAM Media.

Far less complicated than similar sites, such as I-Village, Betty Confidential features many of the same areas of interest to women, but with more pizzazz! Launched a mere 9 months ago, Betty Confidential is quickly growing to be a much sought after and widely respected resource for women all around the globe. One of the best features of Betty Confidential is the social networking component, where women gather together virtually to discuss politics, lifestyles, featured articles, and other issues they face every day, such as childhood obesity.

Laura’s article has become the topic of one of those conversations – since the issue is one where women often feel a sense of hopelessness or even failure. Juggling career, family and all of the other balls women must keep in the air today, fast food and packaged goods easily become the staple of many homes. Respected author, Laura Fenamore brings her different type of twist on things to this issue, and teaches a different approach to weight loss and family obesity. This approach is not focused only on diet and exercise. Instead, it begins with the three F’s in the ABC’s: Family, Fitness and FUN. The launching point of all Laura’s programs is self-exploration. She asks moms and women everywhere to look at their own foundations for their poor body image and choices, centering around the basic lack of self-care and the lack of self prioritization. When those building blocks are soundly in place, the entire family is empowered to live healthier and more motivated lives.

Laura freely shares her passionate belief that anything is possible, no matter how trapped or powerless anyone might feel – that the key to a healthy family must come from inside. It is self-love that will become the soil for better choices, better habits, and ultimately a healthier, stronger family body. Laura will be the featured guest at a free teletalk on these and other topics around weight and health on Jan. 11th at 6pm PST with popular coach, Sean Smith on his Empowerment Call Series. (Register for this free teletalk at:

Fenamore hopes that her relationship with Betty Confidential will grow over years to come and take root in the lives of mothers and children everywhere. As she pointed out, in the United States alone, the epidemic that is childhood obesity is spreading at alarming rates and undermining the general health and well being of kids everywhere. This CAN change though, and Laura Fenamore is proud to be part of that effort and inspiration.

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