The Modding Theater’s: “Hell in The Pacific” version 3 (HitP v3) continues to rock the WW2 gaming sc

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Published: Thu Apr 21 2005

Three years ago a smaller but yet wide-spread idea was posed to the gaming communities of the Medal Of Honor Allied Assault (Electronic Arts, Inc.) franchise. The idea though simple was a smaller breakthrough for "mod-enthusiast" that would transform their existing MOHAA (world wide web Allied Assault acronym) to shift the fight deep into the pacific war-theater of the early and later 1940’s. In its beta-stage, HitP began to accumulate literally thousands of fans and gamers typically not interested in independent modification projects to become vested and as well, interested in contributing. Today, HitP proudly adheres to its current status of MOHAA TC (total-conversion) without a single sigh of haste or doubt as we enter near its third installment, The Modding Theater’s: "Hell in The Pacific" v3 (2005)".

In this installment, players can expect a wide-range of goodies including but not limited to:

1. New Game-play Modes
2. New Maps and Atmospheres
3. New Game-Models (3D Characters & Weapons)
4. New Music/Sound (delayed from HitP v2 release)
5. Revised Player-Class System

I had a chance to talk with Sir Sekrett Scilensce (composer of HitP OST) at the last ASCAP panel seminar I attended and was able to acquire the following quote: "Most people that ask me about The Mod Theater’s Hell in The Pacific usually want me to say something boastful about a specific item relative to its design and or score. My recommendation is simple. Download and play through Hell in The Pacific. It is not innovative just because that is what someone wants to say about HitP nor is it innovative just because of whom or what is involved and or contributing. It is the overall product that is innovative. I am proud of everyone at TMT as well as my contributions to the community."

If you are interested in learning more about this excellent MOHAA modification you can visit one of the following resources: (Official HitP Website) (Official HitP Web-Source)

"The Eurasian Dawn part I" from the HitP OST by: Sekrett Scilensce can be downloaded below: (broadband) (dial-up)

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is copyright © EA games.
The Modding Theater’s "Hell in The Pacific" is copyright © The Modding Theater.

Other organizations that have featured HitP include: PC Zone, Planet Medal Of Honor, and Game-Spy networks.

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