Imex Promotion’s clock will send you over the moon

From: French Technology Press Bureau
Published: Fri Apr 22 2005

Gardeners have been consulting the moon since the eighteenth century. Today, the Moon Clock® is the ideal instrument to aid in successful planting. Observation of the phases of the moon is an ancient tradition, updated and simplified thanks to this lunar clock. With Imex’s novel technology, gardeners can be guided by the moon from inside their house, and the Moon Clock® provides much useful advice.

The crescent phase between new moon and full moon enhances the rising of sap in plants – gardeners will take the opportunity to sow and prune as well as harvest fruit and vegetables so that they keep better. Lunar attraction decreases when the moon is full, resulting in more moisture in the soil – gardeners will plant carrots, potatoes and bulbs. A waning moon is perfect for pruning, cultivating, planting, replanting and sowing.

The Moon Clock®, whose designs are carefully chosen (photos credit NASA), will appeal to a wide range of people. Representing a globe circled by 12 lunar discs, it is a decorative object that would be a perfect present for friends who like unusual things — and the Moon Clock ® is bound to provoke animated discussions! Its individual appearance is ideal for the sitting room but it can also be consulted in the same way that a barometer can be used to forecast the weather. Astronomers will enjoy consulting this innovative clock before making real observations of the sky. Astrology enthusiasts will use it as a way to keep informed about the daily influence of the moon on behaviour.

About Imex Promotion

Imex Promotion is based in Saint Cyr l’Ecole, in the Paris region. The Moon Clock® is sold by mail order and is delivered set to lunar time. The French specialist company produces a range of products for the home.

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