Aquarium Software grows bottom line for global media company

Published: Wed Jan 14 2009

With offices across the world, Blue offers corporate communications expertise in the marine and energy industries.
Blue turned to Aquarium Software to help streamline processes and benefit from cost savings. An added advantage proved to be better client communications, as Alisdair Pettigrew, Director, Blue Communications, explains:

"Aquarium has been instrumental in helping our offices around the world coordinate our client account information better, to deliver a joined up, seamless and differentiated service. We expected that Aquarium might save us money from a pure process perspective, but we have been pleasantly surprised that it has also added value to our service offering, which is a real added bonus."

Mark Colonnese, Marketing Director for Aquarium Software, said: "Aquarium has so far been particularly useful to claims, financial services and legal companies, whom the software was originally developed for. Aquarium can be equally as valuable for any organisation with large numbers of customer of client interfaces, such as media and communications firms; Aquarium ensures not only that all customers and clients receive the same, consistent service levels, it also avoids potential duplication of client contact. You also have an invaluable record of customer intelligence, which can be used for future sales and marketing purposes."

Aquarium provides business automation solutions enabling firms to grow revenues and save costs. Designed to be delivered over the internet, its customers benefit from a powerful, fully managed solution, without any of the normal IT headaches. Customer information is captured within the system and communications automatically produced in multiple formats including: email, fax, SMS, MS Word or PDF. Workflow tools help automate processes and ensure matters are progressed uniformly and in line with business service levels. With a simple graphical interface, complex workflows can be sketched out and loaded onto the system ready for use.

Aquarium’s report engine makes data analysis easy and delivers increased business understanding. Reports can flag process bottlenecks, work backlogs or may be used to monitor business KPIs so that managers can make informed decisions. Designed from the start to be fully configurable, Aquarium can be tailored to suit the individual needs of the business. Tool customisation is simple and enables firms to tailor the system precisely to their needs.

Aquarium drives process efficiency across the extended organisation and enables more work to be handled with fewer staff. The web-based architecture opens up new ways of working across multiple locations and partner companies: it also eliminates the need for expensive servers, software and IT support services.

To find out more, look at Aquarium’s interactive product ibrochure, available at

Aquarium is designed to be quick to set up and is available at a comparatively lower cost. It uses the latest web-based technology giving users a powerful solution at a cost that traditional software providers cannot match. For further information contact Aquarium Software, free of charge, on 0800 781 7570 or visit

Notes to editors
Traditional software is installed locally on the user’s own server, so requires the user’s IT staff to install and update the software. By using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, Aquarium does away with this, taking care of installation, maintenance and upgrading of the software as well as secure data storage. The company has an innovative pricing model so, instead of the traditional upfront license costs, ongoing maintenance charges and heavy consultancy set-up fees, Aquarium can offer users faster start-up and much more flexible pay-as-you-go pricing.

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