IAS 50 - New Field-Deployable, Ultrasonic, Integrity Assessment System From GE Inspection Technologi

From: GE Inspection Technologies
Published: Fri Apr 22 2005

Huerth, Germany, April, 2005. – The new IAS 50 from GE Inspection Technologies is a field-deployable, ultrasonic integrity assessment system, designed for corrosion mapping and general flaw detection. It is intended for use in the oil and gas and energy industries, particularly in the inspection of pipelines and other critical structures, as it features analysis software in line with newly introduced direct assessment standards from the National Association of Corrosion Engineers and the American Petroleum Institute.

The comprehensive new, turn-key system has been designed for the most rugged of operating environments and consists of a high performance, five channel, ultrasonic generator/control unit, which is coupled with a two-axis motion controller and a data acquisition system. The motion controller is connected to a mechanized, automatic scanning robot and the data acquisition system is provided with application-specific imaging and analysis software. The IAS 50 is available with a series of ultrasonic probes and probe holders to allow a variety of inspection applications on flat or curved surfaces. Its operation in five-channel mode can reduce inspection times by up to 80% when compared with single probe configurations.

When used in corrosion mapping applications, GE’s IAS 50 can map wall thickness with a thickness resolution of 0.001 inches (0.03mm) in steel. It provides D-scan, color coded images and section views of the corroded profile of the inspected part. A special feature for the direct examination of oil and gas pipelines is an embedded analysis package, which allows the operator to choose a variety of industry standard interaction rules to create critical failure paths for loading into RSTRENG and ASME B31G remaining strength algorithms. Based on options chosen by the operator, the IAS 50 will provide valuable information about the Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) for the inspected pipeline section.

The IAS 50 can also be used as an automated multi-channel ultrasonic flaw detection system for the accurate location and sizing of defects. In flaw detection mode, the operator can set up the instrument to provide concurrent display of the A-scan of each channel, complete with DAC/TCG curve, evaluation gates, gain and other relevant settings. Once the inspection plan is programmed into the system, the IAS 50 will automatically scan to provide a C-scan image for further evaluation and analysis. Software-generated, screen cursors allow easy defect sizing.

Data recording is by imaging software that allows motion control as well as data acquisition and analysis. This provides graphical representation of inspected substrates and data can be downloaded by the built-in modem for off-site analysis and archiving.

GE’s new IAS 50 operates in a Windows XP environment and features a useful inspection set-up wizard. It embodies the acknowledged experience and expertise of GE Inspection Technologies and is supported by the company’s comprehensive service structure.

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