Hilary Phoenix Clinton?

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Published: Wed Jan 21 2009

Completely heedless of what role Hilary Rodham Clinton plays in politics, she has become a feminist icon for the saying, 'Never Say Die'.

Hilary Rodham Clinton (steadfastly refusing to take her husband's name), has endured her way through the Clinton – Lewinsky scandal and the subsequent impeachment attempt, a failed health reform, plus everything an 8 year roller coaster ride in the White House as First Lady, could throw at her. For many it was expected that Hilary would lie down quietly and discretely roll away from public sight.

Not only did Hilary refuse to crumble from the bitter loss of a failed presidential campaign, but like the ethereal phoenix, has risen once more from the ashes. Hilary, who has already made history in her own right, is now making history once again, in becoming Secretary of State to Barak Obama (the first Black African- American President).

Having flown in from New York, Hilary found herself trapped in traffic, on her way to speak at an Emily List luncheon at the Hilton. Emily List is a 24-year-old organization that is dedicated to increasing the power and presence of women in politics.

Hilary, undaunted by the Washington traffic, crawled out of the car and marched the rest of the way. This was evocatively reminiscent of the walk the Clinton's had made on the drive to their inauguration 16 years earlier, when they had stopped the car and walked a portion of the route to the White House.

The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, was present at the luncheon, is said to be the woman who will "Not only stomp out injustice, but stomp it out in 4-inch heels".

Also present at the luncheon were Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security-designate, Kay Hagan North Carolina Senator and Jeanne Shaheen, New Hampshire Senator. Ellen Moran the host, paid tribute to Emily List's ex-executive director, who has been appointed as the new Communications Director for the White House.

The key women in the audience held everyone's attention with impromptu anecdotes, as they patiently waited for the missing Hilary. Ellen Malcolm eventually introduced Hilary to the ecstatic crowd of women, when she called Clinton "An exceptional figure in American life and a powerful role model for women for our country and for the world".

However, as Malcolm pointed out, "For every one woman in Congress, there are still more than five men".

It must be noted that Hillary’s favourite form of dress, the pantsuit, has almost become a 'uniform' for the ladies in the halls of power.

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