Tips on Taking a Volunteer Vacation in Costa Rica

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Published: Wed Jan 21 2009

Costa Rica literally means 'the rich coast', and it is an archetypal tropical paradise. Pristine rainforests run down to idyllic golden beaches, and the ‘poco a poco’ (little by little) pace of life is reassuringly relaxed and guaranteed to make travel in Costa Rica a relaxing and rewarding experience. Beyond the beauty however, people are needed to volunteer in Costa Rica to help improve the lives of countless people in the country through working with local children, teaching English in language schools and supporting local health services.

i-to-i has been operating volunteer vacations in Costa Rica for over a decade and has a few tips to offer volunteers seeking to travel to Costa Rica:

1. Money exchange is provided at most banks, however it is recommended to do so at the state banks, especially the Banco Nacional, since they have lower rates.

2. Wind surfing in the Tilarán area is some of the best in the world, be sure to check it out.

3. Pura vida, literally translated as "pure life," is an expression endemic to Costa Rica. It can be used in several contexts, as an expression of enthusiasm, agreement, or salutation. It's pronounced 'poora veeda'.

For more travel tips check out this travel advice video:

Looking for a place to start the search for volunteering options? A couple volunteer vacations in Costa rica offered by i-to-i are:

Marine and Sea Turtle Conservation

Leatherback turtles are critically endangered (over 80% of the population has been lost in the last 10 years), so volunteers will receive specific training which will enable you to help with research and data collection. Volunteers could be working on a specialized marine turtle conservation project where they can get involved in clearing beaches in preparation for the nesting season, as well as regular beach patrols. This is a great opportunity to help safeguard the existence of these fascinating animals, whilst spending lots of time on the sun-kissed beaches of Costa Rica’s pristine coastline.

This volunteer vacation in Costa Rica lasts for a minimum of 1 weeks and costs $790, all accommodations and meals provided.

Teach English in Rural Costa Rica

Some rural schools in Costa Rica have English included in the curriculum and must be covered by all children. However, there is a lack of English teachers to complete the required level. Volunteers are valued where English is their native or near native language to aid in the learning of the children and the teachers themselves. By teaching young people English volunteers will be able to make a positive impact on their lives and make more opportunities available to them, for example by going to university, getting jobs in tourism and business and commerce.

This volunteer vacation in Costa Rica lasts for a minimum of 4 weeks and costs $1230, all accommodation and meals included. For more information visit:

To see the wide range of volunteer vacations in Costa Rica now offered by i-to-i please visit: or call 800-985-4864 for more information. Volunteer vacations are 9% off when booked in January.

Since 1994, i-to-i, has been the award-winning leader in volunteer vacations, TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) training and job placement abroad. Each year, i-to-i sends approximately 5,000 volunteers to 500 projects in 35 countries and helps 15,000 people gain the certification necessary to teach English overseas. i-to-i volunteers contributed approximately one million hours of service last year.

i-to-i offers volunteer vacations in countries such as: Ecuador, Brazil, Uganda, Indonesia, Malaysia, Madagascar, Zambia, Vietnam, Ghana, Costa Rica, Honduras, New Zealand, Australia and Vietnam.

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