Phoenix Search Engine Optimization Company Offers Alternative to Expensive Pay-Per-Click

From: Neekam Inc
Published: Wed Jan 21 2009

Neekam Company, a Phoenix Search Engine Optimization Consulting Company, claims to offer an alternative to expensive pay per click advertising. Neekam makes use of a novel approach to blogging to create an affordable search engine optimization strategy for companies.

The Neekam President says, "Neekam offers many search engine optimization services but our value proposition is that we consistently deliver effective and economical search engine optimization to our clients. One way that we do this is through using blogs as powerful traffic aggregators." Visit Neekam:

Neekam clients get assigned their own search engine optimization specialist who will take the time to work with them to identify target markets that blogs can be built around. Each of these target markets have "most searched" key phrases associated with them. These phrases are what people are searching for when seeking information about the subject of that particular target market.

Blog posting campaigns are then undertaken utilizing those "most searched" phrases. Each blog points back to the parent site, or displays the business’s phone number, or both. Using this technology Neekam has created one of the finest search engine optimization services programs available. Your Neekam Search Engine Optimization Consultant will take the time to identify what areas/target markets your wish to penetrate with this technology. Please call Neekam now: 623-255-1034.

"I am constantly telling clients that the problem with their Internet presence might not be their website," says the Neekam President, "the Internet has just moved beyond having a mere website guaranteeing traffic and business. A blog isn’t just a static presentation such as a website; it is a dynamic presentation that is constantly growing and becoming more effective and powerful. Neekam helps companies realize the full potential of this incredible opportunity."

Expert search engine optimization company, Neekam can network together a series of blogs, each targeting different key phrases, into a powerful "blog cluster" this cluster is then pointed back to the client’s website. This creates one of the most powerful search engine optimization tools out there. This blog cluster begins delivering rich organic search engine optimization eliminating, or diminishing, the need for pay-per-click advertising. Go to the Neekam website to see a seven blog cluster:

The Neekam President says, "With Neekam’s Blog Clustering Technology one can control the traffic that is targeted to your site by the key phrases. The additional benefit is that this is free traffic that is actively searching for what you are targeting. One doesn’t need a search engine optimization tutorial to see the value in this."

Professional search engine optimization consultant firm, Neekam specializes in innovative technology solutions that harness the Social Networking Revolution to greatly expand and improve any company's Web presence and search engine ranking. Especially suited to serve small and medium-sized Web businesses, Neekam's unique value proposition empowers any company with powerful, effective, user-friendly search engine optimization solutions. Let Neekam be the catalyst that increases your firm's Internet presence to an unheard of level of success. Neekam can support or supplant your firm's existing search engine optimization strategy, please visit: or call: 623-255-1034.

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