AviationCrossing Added 3,500–Plus New Aviation Jobs to Its Database to Support the Downsizing Aviati

From: AviationCrossing
Published: Fri Jan 23 2009

Aviation Crossing uses a highly trained research staff and technology to track down every aviation position from every employer. The site continuously monitors the websites of every airline company, other aviation employers, and job boards to provide job seekers with quality jobs that match their interests.

In recent news reports, various top airlines announced massive job cuts due to a hike in fuel prices. Midwest Airlines had also announced a 40% (1,200) staff cut whereas other airlines such as American Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Air Canada, and United Airlines have also announced major job cuts in recent weeks.

Delta now expects to eliminate about 2,000 workers from its payrolls this year, and plans to trim capacity by up to 8% in 2009. Jobs at SkyWest had been increasing rapidly with a growth of about 50% from 2004 to 2007, its high-water year. But employment in the carrier company fell 11.4%, from 10,117 people in November 2007 to 8,967 people in November 2008, according to US Department of Transportation figures. Even United Airlines, one of the leading US-based carriers was not spared by the recession as it recently announced that it will cut an additional 1,000 jobs to reduce overhead costs.

''In the past year, fuel prices saw a staggering 80% rise. The troubled aviation industry has already seen thousands of job cuts to offset the fuel costs,'' says A. Harrison Barnes, founder and CEO of AviationCrossing. ''In its aim to support the slumping aviation job market, AviationCrossing has doubled its efforts to find every aviation job opening from all possible sources,'' adds Barnes.

''There have been many capacity reductions throughout the aviation system in 2008. It's mainly mirrored the reductions that major airline companies have implemented. But the main task is to be implemented by the job seekers themselves for their own security. It is advisable to be prepared for the unexpected and find jobs for oneself beforehand. They should look for aviation jobs in job boards which are specialized, exclusive, and catered to their niche industry. AviationCrossing has been adding jobs even during the recession which speaks a lot about the presence of aviation jobs in the US. ''

AviationCrossing weeds out spam and inactive jobs, allowing job seekers to search efficiently and specifically. The website does not charge employers to post jobs on its site, which gives job seekers access to a broader range of available positions, including those not listed on other job boards.

AviationCrossing has 3,544 active aviation jobs in its database, and the number is expected to get a further boost in a few days. For more information on AviationCrossing, please visit www.aviationcrossing.com.

Mary Wilson, Editorial Coordinator

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