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Published: Fri Apr 22 2005

Santa Ana, CA – Shaun Ito, owner and manager of Lollicup® Tea Zone in Irvine, CA has launched permission-based email marketing, using mUrgent Corporation" ( EMPACT: Email and Wireless Marketing Manager.

"We started low cost guerrilla marketing with the standard techniques - money mailers, clipper coupon packages, campus and door-to-door leafleting, health fairs and other event sponsorships with high foot traffic. We quickly saw that our target market was more than 90 percent internet-savvy young adults. We’ll continue to use these more traditional marketing techniques, but have added permission-based email because of its hyper-efficiency and it’s natural appeal to our target audience," says Ito.

Ito’s initial advertising reached more than 10,000 local residents, but more importantly, he has captured over 1,500 personal email addresses from shop visitors. He and Chan collect new emails daily with a voluntary sign-up sheet at their service counter. Customers can also register their emails directly on the Irvine Lollicup website. They expect to see their current email list of names to grow at least five percent each month. By using EMPACT, Ito expects to reach up to 2,500 potential customers instantly through email containing the Lollicup logo banner and a variety of possible promotions including discount coupons and special drink offers.

"Email marketing has become the new standard in guerrilla promotion," says Ito. "It’s faster, more efficient and more personal than display or broadcast advertising. We’ll always keep up our community affairs activity, but we believe personalized email, sent only to people who have given us their email addresses voluntarily, can turn the internet into the most effective marketing tool we use."

Ito and his business partner selected the Lollicup Tea Zone juice bar franchise based on its rapid spread from its Taiwanese origins into more than 60 U.S. sites in seven states. They started a new Lollicup company trend with their high-technology expertise and relatively young ages. Both Ito and Chan are under age 25.

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