Best Colon Posts Its 300th Colon Cleanse Product Review

From: Best Colon
Published: Thu Jan 29 2009

Continuing its commitment to disseminate colon care and health information, has reached its 300 th colon cleanse product review. The blog provides its readers with reviews aimed at helping them make the right choice for a colon cleanse product or method that would help them along with their goal of being fit and healthy.

Within barely a year, extensively cover all topics under colon cleansing. The blog is filled with helpful reviews of the major colon cleanse products as well as reviews about colon cleansers, detox schools to colon health websites. The blog's latest posts tackles a relevant issue in health products to colon cleanse weight loss pill scams. The latest entries provide information about some acai berry cleanse pills rated in Better Business Bureau (BBB) as the top 10 worst scams of 2008, on the so-called acai berry miracle fruit. The blog trys to be a voice for the biggest colon cleanse scams with some most revealing posts. Along with the scams, also released several new product reviews, offering its readers more information, and thereby options, about the latest colon cleanse products that are worth trying.

This year, plans to go bigger and cover a wider scale of cleansing topics. Aside from its regular features like product reviews, scam alerts, detox and cleansing news and alternative medicine colon hydrotherapy school features, the health blog will add on new features to grow. This year, encourages its readers to contribute their personal experiences, videos, photos, diaries, and reviews on all things related to getting your colon cleaned. The blog also welcomes interested health writers to become guest authors on the site as well as colon hydrotherapy experts to contribute video reviews of cleansing tips to product overviews.

One of the blog's mainstays, Mr Colon Cleanse, says "this year will definitely be for With the already interesting categories being bulked up by user feedback and a more interactive atmosphere, 2009 promises to be a good year to kick off a new health and fitness regimen"

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