Bruntwood calls for businesses to forge ahead with environmental programmes

From: Bruntwood
Published: Tue Feb 03 2009

Office space provider Bruntwood has issued a clarion call to businesses across Greater Manchester and the north-west to 'forge ahead' with their environmental programmes during the credit crunch.

Running a sustainable business is a vital part of the long-term strategy of this family owned commercial property firm which has more than 90 offices in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham.

It has a robust environmental strategy in place which is intended to reduce the company's impact on the environment while also providing customers with long-term value for money.

But Bruntwood's director of facilities management, Iain Grant, said that now is the time for all companies - regardless of the sectors they operate in - to "keep their nerve and hold true to their environmental agenda".

Mr Grant said: "We didn't realise how quickly our environmental strategy would be tested. In the current climate, there is a danger that pure 'green' initiatives - particularly those that come at a premium and provide little value for money - are no longer sustainable for businesses.

"For Bruntwood, however, our environmental proposition has become more valid than ever as in the current economic climate helping save the planet is important but preventing wasteful expenditure is essential.

"Our principle has always been simple - wasteful consumption results in wasteful spend, which has a real but unnecessary cost to our business, our customer's business and the environment".

Bruntwood has already implemented its own highly successful in-house recycling scheme - with 6,000 recycling bins in place across its offices in Birmingham Manchester, Liverpool and offices in leeds - and is on target to recycle 65 per cent of all its waste by September 2009.

Mr Grant said: "With over 1,000 businesses in our office buildings, we decided to take action and in September last year launched a free recycling scheme for all our office customers.

"As well as helping cut their contribution to landfill gas emissions, our recycling scheme will save them up to £1m over three years".

Additionally, Bruntwood has begun installing Smart Metres to measure electricity consumption in its premises to provide 'real time' information about how much energy is being used and help their customers identify wasteful energy consumption in their office space.

Bruntwood is also funding a major 'climate adaptation' project in conjunction with Manchester University called 'Eco Cities' which aims to provide a blue print for the first integrated climate change adaptation strategy for Greater Manchester.

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