Web Goes e-Mortal With Farawayfish Launch

From: farawayfish.com
Published: Wed Feb 04 2009

A website has been launched this week to give internet users the opportunity to become e-mortal and enjoy everlasting life.

farawayfish.com allows people to create their own personal profiles to store memories, pearls of wisdom, thoughts, hopes and dreams for when they die. This new form of social networking acts as an online time capsule to store everything from photos, music and blogs and share memories with important people in your life.

Similar to the infamous film P.S I Love You, farawayfish.com users can create messages intended for people that matter, to be delivered up to ten years after their death. farawayfish.com is an emotive space, solely for good times, friends and memories.

The website incorporates SMS technology and multi-level email security checks to provide users with the confidence these memories remain unpublished until their chosen time to share with their most important people

The innovative new service will help people facing or thinking about the end of their life to prepare for when they die. farawayfish.com is especially helpful for those in the military, those suffering from terminal illness or in high-risk jobs. It gives them the chance to leave something that can be enjoyed for years to come by family and friends.

farawayfish.com still has something to offer everyone; it’s our chance to leave something behind, because you never know when!

farawayfish.com has employed secure technology to prevent anyone hacking into personal profiles.. Accounts remain safe behind closed doors until at least two informers or one reliable trusted super-informer triggers confirmation of the user’s death. The viral-style website allows users to set date and times to deliver messages to intended recipients for up to a ten year period.

This means mothers and fathers, fiances and partners or friends can send birthday wishes, reminders or heartfelt advice at any time within the decade of death.

Nick Annetts, founder and owner of farawayfish.com, commented; "After living and working in a number of different countries, I made many good friends who I have kept in touch with by email. After being involved in a terrorist attack causing a number of fatalities I realized that if something had happened to me, many of my good friends around the world would never know, because nobody shared our common link. With a child on the way I also realized there were many, many things I wanted to say, and pass on."

"We have developed the technology so robust and secure that no users profile page or emails can be accessed until it is triggered by a dedicated informer. The internet is now beyond interacting with real friends in real-time, with the rise of social networking sites like Facebook and creating your own characters on Second Life. We are offering something that allows a deeper perspective on life."

farawayfish.com is cheeky, irreverent, and emotional, yet practical. It is for great memories, good times, and letting people know. The site is not intended to be morbid, sad, or funereal. It’s about celebrating life and everything that goes with it.

Users can either sign up for a free account, or get the all comprehensive Silver Lining package.
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