uBoost Announces First Set of New Features for 2009

From: uBoost
Published: Tue Feb 10 2009

uBoost, the nation’s premier online student recognition and rewards provider announced today its latest enhancements recently made to their platform.

Members will be able to enjoy a new and improved Rewards Center that features an enhanced layout with a more intuitive browsing and redemption experience. The new Rewards Homepage will spotlight prizes recently added, current sweepstakes, and auctions approaching their closing date and time. New filters will also allow members to filter and view rewards based on their preferences – by price, date added, product rating, and items they can afford.

The latest online community feature released is the flashing activity list that can be toggled on and off by users. It displays the latest onsite events such as recent logins, donations, purchases, rooms rated, and confirmed friendships. Members can also send "shout outs" by entering phrases that are filtered before they are published.

uBoost began its operations in 2007 with the release of its beta site in partnership with Weekly Reader Publishing Group. Its core features included integrated Weekly Reader quizzes, a rewards catalog, and customizable virtual rooms. Since then, uBoost has expanded its long list of features which include online community-building tools such as user profiles, friendship lists, and a message center.

"With the ever-changing and diverse interests of our users, uBoost has been quick to respond to their demands by releasing new features and offering the latest and most popular products in our catalog, like iPods and Nintendo Wii’s" said John Bower, CEO of uBoost, Inc. "The new Rewards Center now presents our offerings in a more dynamic and interactive way, providing our clients’ members a more efficient and personalized shopping experience."

About uBoost
uBoost is an online performance recognition and rewards platform where points are awarded for positive behaviors and redeemed for relevant rewards. uBoost works across all age groups, curricula, and achievement levels and offers educators an innovative way to recognize incremental improvement.

Recognition in the form of points, performance-based honor badges, and a coveted spot on top achiever leader-boards all encourage students to put forth maximum effort. By offering the power of choice, students are able to choose rewards that interest them – they can support their favorite charitable cause, customize their own safe, virtual environment or participate in contests to win premium rewards such as the latest in electronics and gift cards to today’s leading retailers. To maintain engagement, uBoost continues to offer new rewards and contests to keep up with students’ changing interests and to ensure that the program builds and maintains relevance throughout the school year.

uBoost partners directly with web-based educational publishers, district administrators, online schools, tutoring companies, and private education companies to design and implement recognition and rewards programs that further their missions. uBoost has programs in all 50 states and is expanding rapidly.

With its underlying principles backed by research, uBoost is designed to increase student engagement and ultimately drive learning outcomes.
For more information, go to www.uboost.com.

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