Labradoodle Book Offers Definitive Guide To Care And Training of The Ideal Dog For Allergy Sufferers

From: Discovering Labradoodles
Published: Thu Feb 12 2009

Allergies plague millions of people in the United States, and according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, as many as 30 percent of allergy sufferers have allergic reactions to cats and dogs.

Until recently this meant many allergy sufferers could never own a dog - but that has changed with the breeding of the Labradoodle, the allergy-friendly dog breed.

That's why Edie MacKenzie wrote The Definitive Guide To Labradoodles, to give them the tools they need on all aspects of owning a Labradoodle, from helping people understand the different types (and which Labradoodles are and which ones aren’t allergy-friendly), to selecting a dog breeder, to training and raising a puppy to adulthood.

She wrote the book after discovering there were several different kinds of Labradoodles, but no single source of information about the different varieties.

"The book is designed to help people understand the different types of Labradoodles, choose a reputable breeder, and prepare their home and family for a new puppy," according to MacKenzie.

It covers such topics as the advantages and disadvantages of the four primary types of Labradoodle breeds, what a prospective pet owner must know about a puppy's parents, and how to train a Labradoodle.

"I wrote it to educate the first time dog owner, someone who has never had a dog because of life-long allergy issues, understand the commitment and lifestyle change involved in dog ownership."

It was the first book written about Labradoodles, and many breeders call it "The Labradoodle Bible".

MacKenzie has owned hybrid dogs for the past 25 years and is a leading authority on the care, training, and purchasing of hybrid dogs.

The book can be purchased at where the reader can also find a wealth of information about the breed.
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