Bauu Press Celebrates the Publication of a Comprehensive Bibliography on Shamanism

Director of the Bauu Institute and Press, Dr. Peter N. Jones, celebrates the publication of Shamans and Shamanism: A Comprehensive Bibliography on the Terms Use in North America, the first book of its kind on the subject.

[ClickPress, Fri Feb 13 2009] An environmental, psychological, and social science research and publishing company located in Boulder, Colorado, the Bauu Institute and Press is a leader in publishing comprehensive bibliographies, reference materials, and other works. Shamans and Shamanism is the fifth bibliography the Press has published. Providing a rich resource for scholars, researchers, indigenous peoples, and anyone interested in the field of shamanism, the publication has been in the works for several years.

On the occasion, Dr. Jones remarked, “The field of shamanism has grown rapidly since the 1970s, yet until now there has been no comprehensive bibliography on the phenomenon available for people to consult. With this publication, we are now able to look across both time and space when trying to understand and grasp the complexity that makes up shamanism in North America.”

Containing over 700 bibliographic references dating as far back as the 1800s up until the present-day, the book is already garnering good reviews and is proving to be a valuable resource. “Shamanism, both the practice of it in terms of individual experience and access to consciousness, as well as its history in human cultures has long been an area of focus. In some sense, this book was created in part for my own research,” commented Dr. Jones. However, not it is available to a much wider audience, helping to advance the field of shamanic studies.

The Bauu Institute and Press is a science and applied research institute. Since 1998 the Institute has been part of a wide range of environmental, psychological, and social science research projects, as well as publishing hundreds of papers, reports, articles, and books.

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