ExaProtect Announces Enhanced Security Information Management Appliance at Infosecurity 2005

From: ExaProtect
Published: Tue Apr 26 2005

ExaProtect Technology, the leader in the European security information management (SIM) sector, is announcing the latest version of its SIM appliance at Infosecurity 2005 which features significant enhancements to real-time automated event correlation, risk assessment, visualisation and reporting features.

ExaProtect’s EAS 2.5 SIM solution automatically analyses, translates and filters the tens of thousands of security ‘events’ generated on corporate networks into the significant, critical incidents that need a response by IT staff. According to ExaProtect, EAS delivers measurable ROI by helping enterprises better manage their network security infrastructure without increasing existing IT staffing.

EAS 2.5 gives IT security managers a single, customised console from which to centrally detect and manage security events across the enterprise as they occur, so threats can be resolved before they escalate. EAS gives enhanced risk and threat assessment capabilities and provides in-depth reporting to assist with auditing and corporate compliance work.

The company’s IncidentCare integrated incident-response feature enables EAS 2.5 to present IT staff with real-time analysis as security events take place. Using IncidentCare means IT staff can react faster and use the most effective measures to respond to alerts.

ExaProtect CEO, Jean-François Déchant said: "Many security and IT managers are struggling to manage their multiple security solutions and to reduce risk to their networks. SIM solutions integrate the management of these individual solutions and help IT staff to take full control of the tasks, policies and tools that are key to their company’s security stance. The latest version of EAS gives companies powerful, real-time event analysis, risk assessment and threat management capabilities."

The EAS appliance is available in three packages to suit customer needs: EAS Express for perimeter security management; EAS Enterprise for both internal and perimeter security management; and EAS MSSP, aimed at managed security service providers to help them manage their customers’ security needs more efficiently.

EAS 2.5 supports over 70 market-leading security applications and devices, including network- and host-based IDS, firewalls, anti-virus, VPNs, user authentication, web and email proxies, and network devices and servers. It is easily customised to support new applications or systems.

The EAS solution uses platform-agnostic software agents which link to a company’s security solutions to collect logs and data. The agents then pass the information via a SSL tunnel to the EAS server which analyses, filters and interpolates the data before presenting it on the management dashboard in a range of user-defined displays. The agents are fault-tolerant and prioritise queued events, ensuring that significant alerts get early attention.

EAS server is delivered pre-deployed as an appliance.

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