Electro-Shock, A Psychiatric Atrocity, On Rise In British Columbia

From: Citizens Commission on Human Rights
Published: Thu Apr 13 2006

Over 90 thousand electroshocks have been given to British Columbians by psychiatrists in the past 5 years which is at least 5 times the amount delivered in the previous 5 years and totaling two and a half million taxpayer dollars in their pockets according to Medical Service Plan statistics gathered by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights , a psychiatric watchdog group established by the Church of Scientology.

The number of shocks peaked in the year 2000 when psychiatrists got a pay increase to $70.66 each time they pulled the switch.

Currently, over 18,500 electro-shocks are being given to people by psychiatrists every year in British Columbia alone.

Electro Shock which has skyrocketed is being done weekly on a regular basis in every psychiatric hospital and every general hospital with a psychiatric ward to many individuals three times a week.

1. The patient is injected with an anesthetic to block out pain and a muscle relaxant to shut down muscular activity and prevent spinal fractures.

2. Electrodes are placed on the temples bilaterally (from one side of the brain to the other) or unilaterally (front to back on one side of the brain).

3. A rubber gag is placed in the mouth to keep teeth from breaking or patients from biting their tongues.

4. Between 180 and 480 volts of electricity are sent searing through the brain.

5. To meet the brain’s demand for oxygen, blood flow to the brain can increase as much as 400%. Blood pressure can increase 200%. Under normal conditions, the brain uses a blood-brain barrier to keep itself healthy against harmful toxins and foreign substances. With electroshock, harmful substances "leak" from blood vessels into the brain tissue, causing swelling. Nerve cells die. Cellular activity is altered. The physiology of the brain is altered.

6. The results are memory loss, confusion, loss of space and time orientation and even death.

7. Most patients are given a total of six to 12 shocks, one a day, three times a week.

Brian Beaumont, President of the Vancouver chapter of CCHR said, "Ask the foremost psychiatrists and they have no explanation as to why or how their "treatment" works. It is literally as scientific as sticking one’s head in a light socket. Do it often enough and you will become disoriented, confused, lose your memory or even die. Same result as ECT—but it will cost you a lot less".

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights was established in 1969 by the Church of Scientology to investigate and expose psychiatric violations of human rights.

If you have been damaged by psychiatric "treatment" please call the Citizens Commission on Human Rights at 1 800 670 2247

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