BlueBear Network Enlists Face Recognition in the Fight Against Child Exploitation

From: BlueBear Network
Published: Tue Apr 26 2005

OTTAWA, April 26, 2005 - BlueBear Network International, Inc. (OTC.PK: BLBR) announced today it is leveraging it exclusive face recognition software to help law enforcement agencies in the battle against the sexual exploitation of children. It has created a package named LACE that links industry leading video surveillance technology and the BlueBear Network -- an Internet-based secure distributed search environment -- to help identify victims of sexual exploitation and their abusers directly from seized video evidence.

``This application of leading edge technology is one of the critical missing pieces in the arsenal available to Anti-Child Exploitation Units around the world,'' says Mr. Andrew Brewin, President and CEO of BlueBear Network International, Inc. ``A typical child pornography case involves huge amounts of video and still image evidence. Traditional systems are all text-based, making it time-consuming for officers to review, catalog and cross-reference this much material. LACE will automatically detect and extract facial images for cataloging with the original evidence and provides advanced facial biometrics-based searching to cross reference them to victims and abusers found in other tapes. By connecting to the BlueBear Network, LACE can compare extracted images with evidence seized and held anywhere in the world.''

In a traditional investigation, officers ultimately need to rely on their own memories and text-based searches to determine if a victim or suspect has appeared in other material. LACE leverages the power of face recognition to sift rapidly through large banks of material and find matches. Using the BlueBear Network, LACE extends that search to look for matches in the evidence databases of other agencies.

The BlueBear Network connects law enforcement and the criminal justice community together using the Internet. Mr. Brewin notes, ``Makers of child pornography have been able to avoid detection in large part by quickly producing huge volumes of this material and using the Internet to hide.'' LACE turns that right back at them.

With LACE, police everywhere can utilize state-of-the-art video processing, powerful image processing tools and face recognition to help save more children and catch those responsible for some of the worst crimes perpetrated against the most vulnerable and innocent members of our society. Mr. Brewin adds, ``BlueBear Network is proud to be part of this most important battle.''

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BlueBear Network International, Inc. (OTC.PK: BLBR) is a Nevada registered company based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. BBNI develops and markets the world's first system that uses biometrics (Face Recognition and AFIS) and text records to securely and simultaneously search and share biometric and records information among linked police and integrated justice databases. BBNI's system responds to worldwide police and government requirements for the timely and effective information search and sharing in homeland security and law enforcement. The company has established strong strategic relationships with several large manufacturers, software and consulting firms. For more information, visit

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