Don’t let women-owned websites and domain names expire! Renew them and make some money!

From: Image Media Internet Services
Published: Wed Apr 27 2005

Deb has represented women in business online at http://www.FoDreams.Com since the early 1990's.
Recently, Deb wanted to sell some of her domain names and found too few women representing the domain name industry. She found it difficult to establish alliances with brokers, to know who to trust and what legal documents were necessary to sell and transfer websites and domain names. She began to see a need within the women's marketplace to establish a resource for other women in business who wished to get a fair market value for her production. Several other women in business have asked Deb for guidance and assistance in transferring their businesses to the next generation of women business owners, for retirement purposes.

OurTownCenter.Com's "Women's Website and Domain Name Marketplace" will provide women in business a marketplace for the sale of their websites and/or domain names. Most of the resources at the website are free. To "showcase" your website for sale, Deb is charging a minimal fee of $39.00 a month. This will provide the seller with a page where she can describe her website, its value, and revenue, and includes a space for the website’s logo, link to the website and contact information of the seller. The Seller will not have to pay a commission to OurTownCenter.Com if a sale arises from exposure at the women’s marketplace. However, if the seller wishes to solicit the assistance of a broker, she is free to enter into a broker’s contract.

To further provide our women in business with full service brick and mortar business listings for sale, domain name registration, OurTownCenter.Com is also offering registration services, webhosting, email, traffic generation, parking pages and backorder domain name purchases in our online storefront.

Deb further stated, "As this community grows, it is our hopes to develop a network of appraisers, brokers and investors from the domain name industry who understand and value our exclusive women's pre-owned and/or developed websites. As more women become aware of our exclusive marketplace, premium websites and domain names will be posted exclusively at OurTownCenter.Com."

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