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From: SCUBA Travel
Published: Wed Apr 27 2005

Divers can now display live SCUBA news in their web pages, have the news delivered by e-mail, view it in news aggregator software or show it in a "ticker" on their PC's desktop. This is a completely free service from SCUBA Travel. The news is selected by human editors and so is guaranteed relevant to divers. Typical topics include: new research into diving, marine conservation and reports on diving destinations.

To show the headlines on their own web pages, users simply need to copy a few lines of JavaScript or php code which is given at To view by other means they need to grab the RSS file at

RSS is a standard format for storing news headlines and summaries. It means that webmasters can have their sites updated with live news every day without intervention from them.

Jim Reilly, one of the readers of the SCUBA News, comments "I enjoy the mix of news you include. For example that article about nitrogen narcosis lead to a link with over 100 other related article. Really fine for those of us who like to stay informed and who do more technical diving""

Established in 2000, the SCUBA Travel site brings independent information to divers around the world on the best destinations and dive sites. SCUBA Travel also publish the SCUBA News newsletter (ISSN 1476-8011). This free, monthly, publication includes diving articles, book reviews, interviews and news on diving and the marine environment. A forum allows divers to comment on all news and discuss diving issues raised.

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